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The lotto bug has bitten us all at some or other time in our lives. The fun trip out to the local retailer to pick up our lotto tickets has gone from an exciting excursion to a boring and exhausting exercise. From using fuel to drive you down to the local shop, to finding parking, these are the things that have turned us off playing the lotto. What if there was an easier way? There is.

The World Wide Web is the answer. You can now partake in your favourite pastime simply by going to sites like for a list of the best online lotto UK sites the web has to offer. Just because you don’t have a hard copy of your lotto ticket on hand, it will not affect the way the game is played. Some online lotto UK sites have become extremely clever in presenting us with mobile apps that we can download in order to track the winning numbers and see if we have made our way to the top of the lotto millionaires list. If this is too daunting for you, take a moment and look at the rules and regulations as well as how to play.

What’s on Offer for Online Lotto UK

There are numerous options when it comes to online lotto for UK players. The popular lotto games will come across your way almost instantly as soon as you start looking for them. The great thing about playing lotto online is that you don’t really have to choose just one; you can literally play all of them simultaneously. To mention a few online lotto UK games you can choose from include the likes of ThunderBall, Hotpicks, Millionaire Maker, The National Lotto, Irish Lotto and EuroMillions to mention a few. Changing the course of your life is only a click away now.

How to Play UK Online Lotto

You will need to pick your numbers, often 6 to 7 numbers in total. You will have standard and bonus numbers. These numbers that you select will be the numbers that will potentially win you the jackpot.  Once you’ve done that you will need to select how many lines you would like to play with and how many draws. On standard ticket averages around £2.00 per ticket and with every additional line or draw you select of course your total spend will increase.

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Jackpots and Additional Wins

Come rain or shine, Monday to Sunday, you can purchase tickets for these games any day of the week, day or night, however the draws will take place on a Tuesday or a Friday generally, it all depends on which game you play. These jackpots have reached millions of pounds before, and have made a lot of player’s millionaires when hitting all the correct number. If you’re unlucky and don’t win the jackpot but instead have a few numbers instead of all of them that match then you will still win some cash, dependent on how many matches you’ve made.  For the inpatient few there are Instant Win games where you can be rewarded immediately. To partake in these instant games you will have to purchase a scratch card. If you match the correct symbols on the scratch card you could instantly win up to £1 million. will tell you everything you need to know with regards to all the best lotto games available online.

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