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Online lotteries and lottery ticket retailers have completely changed the way we play the lotto.

But not everybody knows that… and even those that do may find themselves at a loss for where to find the best lottery sites and online retailers or how to go about purchasing tickets. That’s where OnlineLottoUK.co.uk comes in.

OnlineLottoUK.co.uk gives you all the information you need to know about the best lottery options online for UK players. This includes instructions for where to find the best lottery jackpots and top security, how to participate in the various lotteries, how UK gambling law applies, the latest payout stats, and much more.

How Online Lotteries Work

There are essentially two types of online lotteries: Those that are played exclusively online and are administered by the site itself, and those that are both land-based and online, with the lottery website serving as a ticket retailer. The best lottery retailers online will provide access to a range of local and international lotteries.

OnlineLottoUK.co.uk has taken the guesswork out of finding the best lottery sites by providing a list and reviews of the Web’s top retailers and private lottery sites.

Play the UK National, Health and Postcode Lotteries

In the United Kingdom, there are three official national lotteries – the National Lottery, The Health Lottery, and the People’s Postcode Lottery. For more details on each of these, see the relevant sections on OnlineLottoUK.co.uk but here’s just a little info to whet your betting appetite:

  • The National Lottery

Between 1993 and 2005, The National Lottery was the best lottery of its kind in the UK. In fact, it was the only nationwide lottery, launched after years of stringent government control only allowing for region-specific lotteries. Seven of the best lottery games in the UK now fall under this government-sanctioned brand. Since its inception, The National Lottery has paid out a whopping £53 billion in prize money and created over 3 700 instant millionaires. In order to serve as official retailers of tickets for The National Lottery, sites must apply to the National Lottery Commission – so you can be sure they will be completely safe and legal if they have been given this government stamp of approval.

  • The People’s Postcode Lottery

In order to play the People’s Postcode Lottery, which has been operational since 2005, UK citizens must take out a monthly subscription, which enters their postal code into draws to win daily, weekly and monthly prizes. Once again, only the best lottery sites in the UK are allowed to serve as ticket retailers for this official lottery.

  • The Health Lottery

The Health Lottery is the youngest of the UK’s official nationwide lotteries and was launched in 2011. As far as supporting local charities goes, this is the best lottery to play since it was established with the express purpose of raising funds for health-related charities. The highest jackpot ever paid out by The Health Lottery was £100 000 and you can find a list of top ticket retailers for this game on OnlineLottoUK.co.uk.

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Access the World’s Best Lotteries

Local lotteries are not the only ones accessible to UK players online. Lotto-loving Britons can now also play the world’s best international lotteries, including America’s MegaMillions and PowerBall, which have the biggest jackpot and most jackpot wins respectively; pan-European lotteries like the Viking Lotto and EuroMillions; Spain’s Summer El Gordo, which has the best lottery odds worldwide; and many others.

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