Win Big with Caribbean Super Lotto

There are loads of lotto games available out there, but one of the more popular ones is definitely Caribbean Super Lotto. It’s a high end jackpot and Powerball style game where players stand the chance of winning millions of pounds. This game can be monitored on your desktop, laptop and on all iOS and Android devices including iPad’s and tablets. will tell you everything you need to know about this game, how to play, where to play, and all about the super popular jackpots as well.

How to Play Caribbean Super Lotto

The first thing you’ll need to do is register an online account using your personal details on One that’s done you’ll be subject to the in’s and out’s of all the popular online lotto games, including the Caribbean Super Lotto.

Once you’ve visited one of the listed authorised lottery retailer’s you’re seconds away before setting your lucky numbers up for a big win. This popular lotto game requires you to choose 6 lucky numbers in total. The first 5 numbers that you choose will have to be between the numbers 1 to 35. The final number, the bonus number that you’ll choose will have to be between numbers 1 and 10. If unlike most players you don’t have a set of lucky numbers that you continuously play across the board and you’re struggling to choose specific numbers to play with then you can opt for the quick pick options which allows the game to choose 5 numbers and 1 lucky bonus number on your behalf. Quick pick numbers are selected at random and are not tampered with.

Whilst checking the games status online, clearly marked will be the next draws countdown as to when the winning numbers will be revealed. This could be a small wait of 2 – 3 days as most lotto time periods are set. Once the winning combination is revealed you will know within seconds as to whether you’ve won or not, comparing your numbers to the games numbers.

Single tickets average around £0.80 and £1.50 and can increase dependent on the amount of tickets you purchase.

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Attractive Caribbean Super Lotto Jackpot

The Caribbean Super Lotto jackpot starts off on around £1 million. Every game does not necessarily have a winner; in this case the winnings will increase with every game. This jackpot is known to hit millions and millions of pounds, just waiting for players to hit that lucky combination to claim its heavy load.

Caribbean Super Lotto draws twice per week on a Tuesday and a Friday. It’s on these days that online activities of players eagerly awaiting the release of the winning numbers increase.

The more tickets you purchase the better chance you will have of winning that massive jackpot, more numbers will of course increase the ratios.

The Winning Ticket

As all listed lotto games on are legit and operated in a safe and secure manner, the only real security of the Caribbean Super Lotto game is that you are the keeper of your ticket. If you lose that ticket there isn’t much that can be done to help you, so make sure you keep that winning ticket in a safe place until the results are released and any prize money is claimed.

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