Take Part in EuroMillions Lottery and Win Big

EuroMillions is one of, or possibly one of the most popular lottery games out there. This popular lotto game was first launched on 7 February 2004. The EuroMillions lottery game first started off in the UK, France and Spain, since then it has grown into a global sensation and residents from countries all over the world can now participate. When playing this game the currency will always either be showcased in pounds or Euros.  Players in the UK need to be 16 years or older to purchase a ticket. OnlineLottoUK.co.uk will keep you up to date on EuroMillions with all relevant information, and will give you insight as to how to play this massive jackpot game.

Play EuroMillions Lottery in the UK

EuroMillions, from its inception, has always included and welcomed players from the UK. To purchase a ticket is as simple as popping in to your local corner cafe and buying one of the counter, or you could choose to purchase your tickets online. Various trusted lottery websites, including The National Lottery website will have accessibility to purchase tickets for the EuroMillions. Other alternatives include visiting lottery ticket concierge services whereby you’ll have to login with personal details in order to do the transaction. EuroMillions also has an app for players to download which enables them to play via any mobile device.

How to Play EuroMillions Lottery

EuroMillions like many other lottery games are easy to participate in. The first thing you’ll need to do is choose 7 numbers to play with. These 7 numbers are divided into two sections. The one section will require you to choose 5 numbers between the numbers of 1 to 50. The other 2 numbers are referred to as your Lucky Star numbers, and these 2 numbers need to be between 1 and 11.

In some other lotto games neither of the 7 numbers can be the same, in EuroMillions however your first 5 numbers are seen as separate, and your last 2 Lucky Star numbers otherwise known as bonus numbers can include numbers that you used as part of your first 5 selection. If you don’t have 7 lucky numbers that you’re comfortable with there is a Quick Pick option which randomly selects numbers on your behalf with their ‘random number generator’.

Each ticket costs £2.00 and will of course increase the more lines and draws you select.  Discounts on total cost are available when selecting more than 1 draw at a time. In the UK, every ticket purchased automatically enters you into the Millionaire Maker game that guarantees one player to win £1 million with each draw.

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Millions from a EuroMillions Jackpot

EuroMillions takes place every week on a Tuesday and a Friday. The Millionaire Maker for UK players is drawn once a month on the last Friday of the month.

In order to win the jackpot you would need to match all 7 of your numbers with the winning combination. If you don’t win the jackpot it doesn’t mean you’ll necessarily walk away with nothing. Dependent on how many numbers you match you could still walk away with a good few thousand pounds.

If there isn’t a jackpot winner with each draw, then the jackpot rolls over and increases to an even bigger amount. The jackpot always starts off with €10 million but can increase to a grand total of €190 million.

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