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In recent years, the Internet has been flooded with online lotteries. Some sites are brand new online-only lotteries and others provide new ways to purchase tickets for land-based lotteries.

But, with that many lotteries now available, who can afford to purchase tickets for all of them? Besides, many people love the lottery as much for the thrill of trying to predict the correct numbers as for the chances of hitting the jackpot.

The good news for these for-the-fun-of-it players as well as those who are temporarily out of pocket is that you don’t have to pay to play the lotto if you don’t want to. There are now plenty of ways to play free lotto games online – both for fun and for real money, without the risk.

Free Lotto Sites’ List

Despite this proliferation of free lotto offers online, many UK players have reported finding it difficult to locate the best ones. This is one of the major reasons why was launched.

This site provides an extensive overview of all the paid and free lotto sites on the Web. Whether they come as 100% free lotto games, free raffle entries, welcome rewards, or in any other form, has tracked down and rated the best of them. We also take great care to ensure that these sites are licenced and legal and have no intention of taking you for a ride.

Free Lotto via Advertising Links

The first free lotto offers to emerge online were those that rewarded players with free lotto entries if they clicked on certain advertising links. Examples of these early free lotto providers include The Daily Draw, Banana Lotto, and Loopy Lotto, among others. Although this form of free lotto offer has become less popular due to the hassle of wading through advertisements, it can still be quite lucrative. has done the research and come up with the best of these free lotto offers.

TOP free lotto tickets sitesAugust 2019

Free Lotto with the People’s Postcode and Health Lotteries

Most people are not aware of this, but two of the UK’s official national lotteries actually allow citizens to play free lotto games. Both the People’s Postcode and Health Lotteries periodically run free lotto promotions that grant players entry into the draw without paying a cent. keeps you posted about all such free lotto promotions.

There are also private free lotto sites that resemble the subscription-based system of the People’s Postcode lottery but do not require players to pay for their subscriptions.

As an alternative to free lotto games, The Health Lottery also offers free bingo and virtual “scratch cards”. New players may play 10 of these scratch cards free and can try bingo for free until they are ready to wager real money. THL players will also receive a 200% bonus when they make their first deposit.

Free Raffle Entries

Aside from its immense jackpots, the UK National Lottery is popular with British lotto lovers for another reason – free raffle entries. These free raffle entries are very similar to free lotto tickets and are awarded to players who purchase lines to play the lotto.

The National Lottery’s international EuroMillions game also features a free raffle called UK Millionaire Maker, with automatic entries generated for each EuroMillions draw in which players participate.

Free Lotto Tickets via Welcome Bonuses

An indirect but equally lucrative way to access free lotto tickets is via welcome bonuses. As mentioned, The Health Lotto offers such welcome bonuses but there are also many private lotto sites that do the same. Signing up with several of them can substantially extend your free lotto play.

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