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Although the ancient Chinese game of Keno is rarely seen in traditional land-based casinos but it has become a fan favourite at the top online casinos – particularly in the United Kingdom.

That’s because Keno epitomises the thrill of games of chance, where a little is risked in the hopes of winning a lot. Playing Keno online is incredibly easy and convenient and saves a fair amount of money too. All players have to do to select their balls for the catch is create an account with any leading internet casino and make a deposit. has made this process even easier by researching all the best online casinos that offer Keno to UK players. You need look no further than right here for extensive reviews and ratings of all the UK Keno casinos worth knowing about. The sites recommended by are completely safe and legal, and offer fun games and impressive jackpots.

A Great Game Keno for First-Timers Aficionados Alike

As mentioned, Keno is a perfect example of a game of pure chance – quite a lot like a lottery.

Traditionally, the game involves a machine called a hopper containing 80 colourful numbered balls, from which 20 are drawn at random. With online Keno, however, the numbers are produced by the site’s random number generator. Keno players may select between one and 15 balls. If one of these numbers is among the 20 drawn, this is referred to as a “catch”. The more balls or “spots” caught, the greater the payout will be. It is this extreme simplicity that makes Keno such a popular choice with people who are new to online casino games.

Keno does, however, have a certain element of what might broadly be referred to as strategy, which also makes it a good option for experienced players. This involves, primarily, shopping around for the best Keno sites for UK players. Because different sites offer different odds, welcome bonuses, and jackpots, making sure you play at the best can make a significant difference to your winning potential. Ideally, players should identify more than one site at which to play Keno so that they can make the most of multiple offerings.

Players should also be aware that the Keno house edge differs depending on how many spots are selected and try to identify the optimum balance between the two.

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Online Keno has Better Odds than Other Lottos

Another major benefit of online Keno is that it is has far better odds of paying out than traditional lotteries do. The odds in online Keno are also much more favourable than those available to people who play the game in offline casinos.

Completely Random Number Generators

Some remain sceptical of online Keno sites out of concern that the numbers can be manipulated so that the casino always wins. Fortunately, these players have nothing to fear from the Keno casinos recommended by, as they are licenced by the UK Gambling Commission and other relevant authorities.

In order to retain their licences, these Keno sites must submit to regular audits to verify that their number generators are completely random, their transaction channels are completely safe, and their data encryption and firewalls are on the cutting edge.

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