Online Lottery for UK Residents

All classes delve into this very popular ‘lucky numbers’ game. The idea that as little as £2.00 can potentially get you a reward of millions of pounds is definitely a key actor as to why this game is so popular and just grows with popularity with every year that goes by.

As much as the lottery is played all around the globe, UK players have some of the best games from which to choose from. There are quite a few lottery games available, each one of them holding very attractive jackpots that reach millions and millions. UK players have the luxury as well to play lottery games online where they can buy tickets online, or at least get the winning lottery numbers online as well. All game play can now be achieved from the comfort of your own home.

As many varieties as UK players might have, there is still one pivotal rule in place which doesn’t allow any players over the age of 16 to partake in any lottery game play. has listed some of the best online lottery games as well as a breakdown as to how exactly to play each game to make the choice a bit easier for you.

Online Lottery Choices for UK Players

There are so many games available to the UK lottery player. And almost all carry with them life changing lotto’s. Some of the most popular games with the biggest jackpots include The National Lottery, EuroMillions, ThunderBall and the Irish Lotto to name a few. Jackpots for these games are known to clock up to hundreds of millions.

Scratch cards are also very popular, and as much as the odds of winning increase when playing this game, the winnings are decreased. The winnings are still worth it though, but the bigger lottery games definitely exceed the scratch cards where winners can win up to £1 million.

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How to Play the Online Lottery

When playing lottery games there are 2 options as to how to buy a ticket, you can either buy a ticket at a local shop or you can buy a ticket at an online lottery ticket concierge. To play online lottery games you first need to choose the game you would like to play, the key in the numbers you would like to play with, and then choose how many lines and how many draws you would like to include. Most online lottery games give you the option to play games weeks in advance. Once you’ve bought your tickets you can choose to scan the websites as and when you please for new results on winning combinations or you can sit back and wait to be emailed the numbers. If you’ve won a massive jackpot payout someone from the online lottery ticket concierge will contact you to discuss how to claim your winnings.

Safety First with Online Lottery

All online lottery ticket concierge services have state of the art security technology in place. The great thing about purchasing tickets online is that you will never lose them; you will always have your online account as well as your email to rely on. will keep you updated with any additional information regarding game play as well as additional safety measures to know of.

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