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Playing the lotto is an age old past time dating back a good couple of years. Playing the lotto, short for lottery, is an online gambling game that will continue to be ranked one of the most popular as we move forward. Online lotto is available to all players over the age of 16 years that has a good internet connection, and is obtainable by all financial brackets. will tell you everything you need to know about playing the lotto on various platforms including mobile lotto.

Mobile Lotto Platforms

In this day and age lotto players are lucky to have a selection of platforms from which to choose from when wanting to test their luck and purchase a lottery ticket or 2. Players can choose to either purchase a lottery ticket from their local store or more popularly can choose to play online. Online lotto games are just as simple and work in the exact same way as what you would normally expect when purchasing a hard copy ticket in person. Online platforms include mobile lotto which can be played on iOS and Android devices. All that’s really needed is a sound internet connection and you’ll be on your way to potentially winning millions all from the comfort of your own home. list some of the best mobile lotto games from which to choose from, with almost of them offering outstanding jackpots.

How to Play Mobile Lotto

The first thing you’ll need to do is create an online account at the site recommended by and setup a personal profile. The profile will request some personal details including your name, a login and password, as well as a preferred banking method that you would like to utilise whilst playing online mobile lotto. Once that’s done you’ll be a few seconds away in winning thousands.

TOP mobile lotto sitesAugust 2019

There are a few lotto games from which to choose from including the national lotto, euro millions, thunder ball, hot picks as well as some instant win games and scratch cards.

The bigger payouts are generally in the national lotto, euro millions, thunder ball and hot picks games however players will need to wait until the winning numbers are revealed before being certain of a win. Instant win games and scratch cards can win you money within seconds.

Once you’ve selected the game you would like to play its then all about selecting how much money you would like to play with as well as winning numbers or sequences dependent on which games you’re playing.

Banking & Mobile Lotto Security

As with any other online gambling site security is one of the top priorities and is monitored and updated on a regular basis.

All of the listed lotto games that you can play on offer the highest and most lucrative payouts and so banking security is also monitored and updated regularly.

When setting up a profile on the site you will need to choose which payment method best suits you, players can choose from either linking a debit or credit card, and some trusted e-wallet options are available too.

Personal and banking details will never be compromised and are looked after with extreme top notch security technology.

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