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Until recently, getting into a queue was the only way for Brits to purchase National Lotto tickets. Nowadays, however, people can use the Internet to play the National Lotto and buy tickets right up until the last minute. National Lotto tickets are available from selected websites, which must apply to The Gambling Commission of the UK government for permission to act as official retailers.

Playing the National Lotto online is fun, safe and easy and has all the information you need to get your piece of the action. This includes explanations of relevant legislation and guides for how to play each National Lotto game, as well as lists and reviews of the best UK National Lotto online retailers.

Play All Seven Online National Lotto Games

The National Lotto is currently comprised of seven different games – six in addition to the main Lotto draw. has a detailed breakdown of each of these and how to play it but here is a brief overview of the basics:

  • Lotto

Lotto is the main National Lotto game. Players either select six different numbers between 1 and 49 or use the Lucky Dip option to generate these six numbers at random. National Lotto players then select the number of lines they would like to play and the number of slips they would like to purchase – up to a maximum of seven and 10 respectively. Players must also select the draw – Wednesday or Saturday – which they want to enter.

Six main balls and one Bonus Ball are then drawn. If all six main numbers match, the jackpot is paid out and lesser amounts are paid out when between three and five main numbers match. The winnings of players who match five main numbers as well as the bonus ball are further increased.

National Lotto players can enjoy this game daily from 8am to 11pm but ticket sales close from 7:30pm to 9pm on Wednesday and Saturday evenings for draws.

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  • Lotto Hotpicks

National Lotto players may also opt to play Lotto Hotpicks, a different game played with the same numbers as the main Lotto draw. Lotto Hotpicks requires players to select both the numbers AND the number of draw balls – up to a maximum of five – which they want to try to match.

  • Thunderball

Thunderball, which features a top jackpot of £500 000, is won by matching five main numbers between 1 and 39 as well as an additional “Thunderball” number between 1 and 14 in a separate National Lotto draw.

  • EuroMillions

Introduced in 2004, EuroMillions is possibly the most exciting National Lotto game and is a pan-European collaboration between the national lotto providers of nine different countries. The EuroMillions draw is separate from the main National Lotto draw and takes place in Paris.

  • Scratch Cards and Online Instant Wins

Although those much-loved National Lotto scratch cards are only available to land-based players, online players also have access to instant wins, many with a similar format to scratch cards.

  • UK Millionaire Maker

The National Lotto UK Millionaire Maker game is linked to EuroMillions and awards a raffle number to each EuroMillions ticket purchased, with a guaranteed win for the lucky holder of the winning raffle number of roughly £1 000 000.

  • Lotto Raffle

Lotto players are also automatically entered into the Lotto raffle with a randomly generated number when they purchase a ticket. The more draws per week a player enters, the more raffle entries they are given. Playing Lotto by direct debit creates an additional Lotto Raffle entry for National Lotto players.


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