Top Online Powerball UK Sites for British Players

Mention the word “Powerball” to anyone who loves to play the lotto just about anywhere on Earth and they’re sure to get stars in their eyes. That’s because Powerball – which is coordinated by the Multi-State Lottery Association – is the largest lottery in the United States with one of the biggest jackpots of any lottery worldwide.

Until recently, however, only US residents were eligible to play this multi-state lottery. Fortunately, some innovative online lottery sites in the United Kingdom changed all that when they began accepting wagers on Powerball outcomes. With Powerball UK, British players can now wager on the same results and enjoy the same odds as US players, in addition to standing in line for jackpots of the same size.

Identify the Best Powerball UK Sites

The role of is to tell British players everything they need to know about Powerball UK – including where to play it, how to play it, what the current jackpot is, and more.

Most importantly, provides an extensive list and comprehensive reviews of all the best Powerball UK sites on the Web. In order to make the list, these sites must have easy-to-use interfaces, safe and simple payment options, and jackpots equivalent to Powerball USA. They must also be fully licenced by the UK Gambling Commission and other relevant local and international authorities in order to be listed on

The Basics of Powerball

To play Powerball UK, players must place a minimum bet of ₤2. This allows them to select one combination of five numbers between 1 and 69 and one additional number between 1 and 26, which correspond to standard white balls and special red powerballs respectively. In Powerball UK, it is perfectly acceptable for one of the standard numbers to be the same as the number chosen from the powerballs. Powerball UK players may also elect to have their numbers selected for them by their chosen site’s random number generator.

Two ball machines are used for the Powerball draw – one for the standard white balls and one for the red powerballs. Powerball UK selections must match at least three white balls or one powerball to pay out.

TOP online Powerball UK sitesAugust 2019

Win Tax-Free Powerball UK Jackpots

Whilst many states in the US require their citizens to pay up to 50% in federal taxes to the government on their lottery wins, Britain has no such legislation. That means that 100% of Powerball UK wins are paid out to UK residents. This gives Powerball UK players a surprising and highly lucrative edge over US players.

Trust in Premium Powerball UK Security

When identifying Powerball UK sites to recommend, places security right at the top of its checklist. This means that these sites are licensed with the UK government’s Gambling Commission and other relevant authorities and submits to regular independent audits. These audits ensure that the Powerball UK site offers various secure payment options, 100% random number generators, and more.

Enjoy Unique Online Powerball UK Promotions

Because Powerball UK lotteries are administered by private British sites, they are able to offer a range of additional deals and promotions to their players. Such Powerball UK perks include free tickets to new account holders, as well as loyalty and referral rewards, to name but a few.

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