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Established in 1993, Viking Lotto – also known as Norsk Tipping Viking Lotto, Onsdags Lotto, Vikingu Loto, and Víkingalottó – is a collaboration between the national lotteries of Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Estonia, Denmark, Finland, Lithuania and Latvia. It was the first such international lottery to exist anywhere in Europe.

The top jackpot is common and is financed by a particular Euro amount per combination played, whereas lesser prizes are nationally and locally decided. The former category is the one open to international players. This makes Viking Lotto fairly unique compared to, for example, Euromillions, in which all prizes are common. provides you with all the information the UK players need to know about Viking Lotto, including upcoming jackpots and where to make online bets if you are UK-based, among other things.

Play Online Viking Lotto in the UK

Thanks to the wonders of internet technology, Viking Lotto is no longer reserved for its member countries. Players from all over the world, including the United Kingdom, now participate in the Viking Lotto and has a list of all the best sites at which to choose combinations safely and easily.

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How to Play Viking Lotto

The Viking Lotto live television draw takes place weekly on Wednesday evenings at Norway’s national lottery headquarters, Norsk Tipping AS, in the town of Hamar. At the moment, the cost per combination is roughly €0.70 (£0.57 GBP) in member countries and is similarly priced for online play in the UK and other outside countries.

  • First Division Jackpot

Players must select six numbers between 1 and 48 – collectively and in their chosen order, these numbers are referred to as a combination. During the Wednesday Viking Lotto night draw, six main and two extra bonus numbers are drawn at random from a possible 48 numbers. The first prize is awarded based on the correct combination of six numbers.

If no one has selected the winning Viking Lotto combination, the amount is rolled over to the following week and will continue to grow as it does so until a winner emerges. That’s how the Viking Lotto jackpot has ballooned to in excess of €25 million (roughly £18 million GBP) since it was first introduced.

  • Lucky Number

The Viking Lotto Lucky Number was introduced in 2004 and all Viking Lotto players are automatically entered into this additional one-number draw, which takes place before the main draw.  The prize is a substantial additional amount that is added to the winnings of the player whose six-number combination is correct AND any one of these numbers matches that of the Lucky Number draw.

  • Additional Ways to Win

Over and above the main Viking Lotto and Lucky Number draws, there are four further ways in which players can win with Viking Lotto.

Online Viking Lotto Security

The top UK Viking Lotto sites – as listed here on – utilise cutting-edge 28-bit data encryption software to keep players’ banking and personal information safe. They also offer numerous secure and convenient payment options, including MasterCard, Visa, and third-party payment providers.

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